Student Mail and Packages

Delivery of student mail and packages from the U.S. Postal Service is coordinated by University Mail Services and ECU Campus Living.  US Postal Service letters and packages addressed to students on campus are delivered from the Greenville Post Office to University Mail Services, and then delivered to one of two Neighborhood Service Offices.  Please see below for some Frequently Asked Questions about student mail.

Campus Living Mail Services Frequently Asked Questions

What is my mailing address?

Student Name
Residence Hall and Room Number
East Carolina University
1000 East 5th Street
Greenville, NC 27858-4353

Where do I go to pick up my mail?

Depending on which Campus Living Neighborhood you live in you would go to your Neighborhood Service Office (NSO). For West and Central Campus the CWNSO is located in the West End Dining Facility. For College Hill the CHNSO is located on the first floor of Ballard East Residence Hall.

When can I pick up my mail?

Mail can be picked up whenever the NSOs are open.

What hours are the NSOs open?

Click the link for current operating hours:

Why does my mail carrier (USPS, FEDEX, UPS etc…) say my package has been delivered but the Neighborhood Service Office doesn’t have it?

In some cases the notification received indicates that the package was received by the Greenville Post Office. Items are then sorted and received to ECU Mail Services which then distributes the item to the respective NSO.  In some cases, although a package was shipped via UPS, the company may have sourced the final delivery to the US Post Office. Occasionally, tracking notification may be sent from UPS that the package was delivered; however, delivery may have been made to the Greenville Post Office, that in turn, makes the delivery to campus.

My mail is missing what do I do now?

In most cases mail usually finds its way to the correct office. Delays are caused most commonly by wrong addressing, such as not listing the students name, hall or room number correctly. If you are expecting something and have not received it after a few days let the NSO know and they will do periodic searches for it. If using FEDEX or UPS there will most likely be a signature for the package. This information will be helpful in determining where your package may be.

Can I mail things out from the Neighborhood Service Offices?

No, the Neighborhood Service Offices only receives mail and cannot accept any outgoing mail. Outgoing mail can be sent from the post office on 10th Street next to Pirate’s Deli (right across from the Science and Technology building).

How do I get my mail if I move?

If you have an off-campus mailing address, such as a local apartment, you should complete a Change of Address Form with the US Postal Service. Note that this USPS form does not apply to a campus residence hall address as student mail is sorted after arriving at ECU from the post office. The USPS form also does not apply to UPS or FedEx packages. If you have packages shipping via these carriers you will want to contact the company to update your shipping information.